Web Page Optimization Costa Rica

Web Page Optimization Costa Rica

Web designSEO (search engine optimization) and Graphics. These are the three things we do best and will continue to be our focus for some time to come.

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Web Page Optimization Costa Rica

web page optimization costa rica
web page optimization costa rica

Although we are known as a Costa Rica web design business, we have clients in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia and South America. Our headquarters in Heredia, Costa Rica, is where our programmers, web designers, SEO specialists and graphic designers produce your world class web and graphical products. Our satisfaction comes from making your business more successful.

But enough about us. What is important is what you require to be successful in promoting your business.

Search Engine Friendly Web Design

You may remember the old adage “build a better mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door”. We would add the suffix “…unless they don’t know where you live”. If Google is confused about where your web site belongs then it will never be able to place you in the search results where you belong. Getting a top 10 ranking for something related to your business is essential to having a successful web site.

We work with all the most popular open source packages such as Drupal and WordPress. We also build hand crafted XHTML/CSS web sites. We can help you decide what type of web design is right for your specific application depending on your goals. Or if you already know what you want – we’ll just build to spec. Please visit our Web Designsection for more tips on how to build a great web site that is both search engine friendly and user friendly. Or Contact Us and we can help you get started right away. Build your website right and you will get great traffic. Isn’t that what the web is all about?

SEO Services

Some of our client’s have come to us with absolutely great websites, filled with wonderful information. The only thing they needed was to rearrange that information slightly so it was a bit easier for the search engines to read, and their rankings improved dramatically. It’s not always that simple but you would be amazed how many times a few small changes can make a very big difference in the quality and quantity of traffic a web site will get. Why not allow our SEO Specialists review your web site and see what may be possible in your business? Visit our SEO Services section for more tips and information about how to get more traffic to your web site. Or Contact Us today to get started on much better rankings.

Graphic Design Services

Our graphic designers are really fine arts students or graduates sitting behind their MACs and making great art for both web and print applications. It is truly fun to watch them take a blank canvas and make something spectacular for a client. We specialize in graphic art applied to web design and printed matter such as brochures, magazines, catalogs, posters, menus, stationary, banners, billboards, signage and packaging. For more information about how we can help your company with almost any graphical requirements please visit our Graphic Design section, or Contact Us to get started right away. While most of our business in Costa Rica graphic design, we can send digital files anywhere in the world (and have done so).

Other Services

Our long time customers know we have provided hosting services for years through pair Networks. We still do as an Authorized reseller of their services we can offer Shared Hosting, high-volume plans, virtual private servers, dedicated servers or co-location packages. Check out all these plans by following the links or feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions.

So, if you are seeking a web design, graphic design or SEO company to help you improve your marketing results, we’re here to help. Rest assured we are comfortable working internationally and of course in English or Spanish. We have provided web services to well over 15 countries. Give us a try and find out why more and more people are working with Ticode. Maybe it’s because we build results.