Basic SEO Checks:

Basic elements of SEO to fix.

    • Is the keyword phrase good?
      This is a good keyword phrase because it’s popular, but it’s going to be very hard if not impossible to knock out the well known sites that already rank in the top 10 for this phrase.


  • Where is the keyword phrase found?
    Title, H1 headline, First paragraph, URL, Link anchor text; With a keyword density of: 7.12%

This is a page where the density of the keyword phrase is a bit high. It’s not that 7.12% is particularly high, except the reason for it. Because it’s listed as a tag below every article on the page, it ends up looking like the page is trying to spam to get placement. I’d remove the tags from this page and instead include the keyword phrase in image alt text, h2 and h3 headlines and throughout the text itself.

Advanced SEO Checks:

    • How many links are there to the page?
      The only link to this page is from another on the same site. I would focus on getting the word out about this site to other breast cancer websites. It’s important to get related sites to link to your site with the keyword phrase you’re trying to optimize for.


  • When was the page last modified?
    Pages that are modified with significant content changes do well in search engines, but constant little changes can hurt your ranking.
  • Does the page validate?
    Page does not have valid HTML, CSS, or accessibility. Accessibility and valid HTML are especially important for search engine spiders to read the page.

Negative SEO:

Elements of SEO that can hurt your rank.

    • Hidden content in
      None Good!


    • URLs that are difficult to read
      None Good!


  • Spammer tricks (that could get you banned)
    None Good!

Other SEO Thoughts:

The right column is messed up in my view making it hard to read. While this won’t affect how the search engines see the page, it may make people less eager to link to it.

By Jean Heal SEO Tips.