Instagram to Open its Advertising Platform to All Users on September 30

Instagram has announced that, as of September 30th, self-serve advertising will be available to all users. In addition, Instagram will make its advertising platform available to countries around the world.

Previously, Instagram advertising was only available to a limited number of major brands. Making it available to all users is a significant step for the company, which means more revenue and new opportunities for businesses to promote themselves.

The ad platform will run on the same technology that powers Facebook’s ad infrastructure. Similar to Facebook ads, Instagram advertisers will be able to target their posts to specific demographics and personal interests.

Instagram boasts that its ads can achieve a variety of objectives — such as increasing brand awareness, app installs, sales, revenue, and so on.

All new ad units are said to be on the way, including one that will be able to direct people to product pages on e-commerce sites.

In addition, new features will be made available to existing ad units. Advertiser’s can now run ads in Instagram’s new landscape and portrait modes, as well as run ads up to 30 seconds in length.

New tools will also be introduced for managing ad campaigns, and a new ad product called Marquee will be launched that’s designed for driving massive engagement in a short amount of time. Think new product launches, webinar sign ups, limited-time sales, and so on.

Businesses of all sizes can start taking full advantage of Instagram advertising starting September 30th.

By Matt Southern SEO Tips.