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Costa Rica Marketing
Costa Rica Marketing

Costa Rica marketing services by Roger Acuna- the only certified inbound marketing educator in Central America.

Services include SEO and custom tailored inbound marketing strategies. As lead procurement specialists, we pride ourselves in providing only top-quality services to our clients across the globe. Previous and current influential clients include Hospital Metropolitano,, Hacienda Pinilla, ArmoTours, HP, Microsoft Gold Partners, CITI Bank and many more corporate titans. Also we offer services with respect to investigative background checks on individuals and corporations alike – if there’s anything to be found…we’ll find it for you!

As our manager Roger Acuna says… “When it gets tough and complicated, you need to innovate with marketing intelligence.”

When it comes to lead acquisition – why leave it to chance? Almost on a daily basis I have to explain to my prospective clients the importance of distinguishing between garbage traffic and quality conditioned traffic.

Costa Rica Marketing

So yeah…it’s been quite awhile since my last post. What can I say? I’ve been a very busy bee. The universe has been very generous to me lately and for that I have all the appreciate one can imagine.

I thought to myself…personally I get my engines fired up whenever I watch/read content on the internet about the success stories of others – especially when it involves an element of marketing and how I can improve.

Do you know who I am? Well do you? I’m Rick James bitch! (refer to video below) Trouble is, when it comes to the online world you’re nothing – at least not without a good inbound marketing campaign.

The future of marketing demands that our brands play a role in culture. We need to be externally focused, connected to the people and organisations that influence culture, with a deep understanding of what is happening in the world and what consumers are interested in. We must think culture back rather than brand forwards.
The role of the PR&I manager is to create an influencer network identifying critical target advocates in each market and identifying how each brand of our portfolio will reach and influence those groups during the year and then execute this plan.