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Buffer Makes it Possible to Upload and Schedule Your Videos on Social Media

Buffer has introduced the ability to upload and schedule native video content across all social media platforms with an update to its software platform.

The company says its software is the first to offer the ability to upload a video to one place and share it everywhere — including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+.

If you have used Buffer before, then adding a video is similar to attaching any other piece of content. After uploading the video you’ll be able to select which times the video should go out on each social network.

On Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, people will see the video as if you has posted it directly.

On Pinterest, Buffer will pin a screencap of the video with a description and link to watch the video hosted on a Buffer sub-domain.

Since LinkedIn doesn’t allow for native video uploading either, Buffer will post the title and description with a link back to watch the video hosted by Buffer.

The software will record analytics individually for each network, including likes, shares and comments for each video you upload.

This new feature is available today and, like all of Buffer’s services, is completely free to use.

By Matt Southern SEO Tips.

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