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5 Features For a Stellar Social Media Strategy with BuzzBundle

If you are part of a small social team or doing it on your own, you know social media planning can be a major time suck. By the time you research content, write quality content, develop a sharing plan, track the analytics, and hope it brings in traffic to convert it is already time to start on the next blog post.

Link-Assistant.Com is here to save the day with BuzzBundle, an all-in-one social media sharing solution. We are going to take a look at five features it offers designed to save your overwhelmed social media brain.

What BuzzBundle does is allow us to find key content placement opportunities and then share our content easily.

This walkthrough is a quick overview of the specific tabs in BuzzBundle and how they can help you:

Next, let’s look at the BuzzBundle features.


Identifying social media opportunities can be time-consuming and hard to keep track of. BuzzBundle quickly and easily identifies potential partners within Twitter, Facebook, Google +, blogs, and video sharing sites based off on keywords you provide.

Here’s how to do it:

Set up keyword/s you’d like by “Adding Streams”. Streams are a flow of social media discussions and mentions. These can be either of the following types of posts:

  • Found by the mentions of your keywords and URLs
  • Imported from a social media profile of your choice

Type in your keyword – this can be a brand name or a keyword you are optimizing your website for. You can also add your website or your competitor’s.

BuzzBundle will then create default streams for forums, blogs, Q & A sites, social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin, and video sharing sites.


Social media marketing without proper targeting is like sharing your message in the dark. Your chances of being “seen” by your target audience is very slim. You can’t expect to get massive engagement or worse, you’ll get none at all.

BuzzBundle identifies what is said on a topic of your interest, in what kinds of contexts the topic is discussed and what groups of people participate in the discussions, making it easy for you to use this tool for market research.

Here’s a simple process on how to do it:

Customize your streams to come up with a more targeted audience by adding or removing streams, creating filters. and adding more keywords.

Add more streams by clicking “Add Streams” and choose the platform you’d like to add.

5 Stellar Features of BuzzBundle | Search Engine Journal

Remove a stream by clicking on the gear icon and choose “Remove the stream”.

5 Stellar Features of BuzzBundle | Search Engine Journal

Add filters to your streams by clicking on the gear icon and choose “Edit the stream”.

5 Stellar Features of BuzzBundle | Search Engine Journal

Keyword Groups are a set of keywords related to your topic of interest (e.g. an organization, brand, product, event or social phenomenon). BuzzBundle shows you posts where those keywords are present. You can include related URLs into your keyword group and track them together with the keywords.


This is when it all begins — when you start to connect and engage with your audience. But why not do it the smart way? Create conversations with bigger audiences first.

BuzzBundle displays Reach for all posts in your streams, letting you instantly see how many people are exposed to any given conversation. BuzzBundle’s Reach metric is an estimation of the size of the audience following a certain post – this includes the poster’s followers or friends, the post’s likes, shares, and comments, etc. You can also sort by reach or whatever metric you’d like to focus on.


It’s every social media manager’s dream — to have everything automated. Imagine managing the social media activities of multiple websites and distributing announcements to multiple social media networks? And all without the need to log in.

BuzzBundle allows you to multi-post, where you can add posts under multiple Personas simultaneously at the click of a button. You can also automate posting by scheduling it to appear on your accounts at specific times.

Here’s how to do it:

Click on “Add Post” and choose “Add Post under Multiple Personas”

5 Stellar Features of BuzzBundle | Search Engine Journal

Choose what social media platform you’d like to post to.

5 Stellar Features of BuzzBundle | Search Engine Journal

Choose the appropriate “Persona” who is talking:

5 Stellar Features of BuzzBundle | Search Engine Journal

“Schedule submission” and click “Ok”:

5 Stellar Features of BuzzBundle | Search Engine Journal


It is that simple!


Tracking your progress is a sure way to build an awesome social media strategy. You can consistently monitor and manage all your social media tasks using BuzzBundle’s “My Activities”. Additionally, you can “Add Notes” so you won’t forget ideas and plans – it’s your very own planner!

Here is where you can find the tracking tools:

5 Stellar Features of BuzzBundle | Search Engine Journal


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, BuzzBundle is an awesome social media management tool that can help increase your site’s rankings, traffic, and sales, as well as boost brand awareness – just make sure you maximize all its great features!

By Gwenn Doria SEO Tips.

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