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3 Steps to Getting Ranked With Organic SEO

In a recent webinar called “The Perpetual Traffic Formula,” speaker, Ryan Deiss discussed the 3 key steps to getting your Web site ranked in all search engines with organic SEO. He explained that free traffic rather than Adwords campaigns is the best way to go because of the increased competition with Pay Per Click as well as the decreasing amounts of people clicking on Google ads (only 2-5% of all clicks are on Adwords ads according to Ryan).

There are 3 key steps to getting ranked in Google. Ryan calls these collective organic SEO steps, “The Ranking Triad.” These steps must be completed in the correct sequence to ensure a site’s success.

1. Content: Quality content is the first step to achieving an organic Google ranking. The site must have relevant, quality content (content IS king) that contains appropriate keywords without stuffing them. Also the site should have a domain name and meta tags that has a good SEO-friendly structure. Ryan suggests people to write or have someone else write at least 12 original articles containing 12 of the most valuable keywords to your website. Then post these articles in a WordPress blog as webpages instead of blog posts.

2. Links: A site must have natural inbound, outbound and authority backlinks for successful organic SEO. To start, drive ten to twenty quality inbound links to your site, preferably from .gov and .edu sites. These are seen as the most trusted to all search engines. After completing step three, drive 300-400 more links back to your site with blog comments, link directories and social media profiles.

3. Activity: This is the most important step that is commonly overlooked. Activity comes in the form of site traffic, RSS feeds, subscriptions, comments and updates. Ryan said Google is paying more attention to site activity than ever before. In order to get site activity, Ryan suggested to send some paid traffic to your blog, “dare” website visitors to comment, drive auto responder traffic back to your blog and encourage RSS subscriptions. Once your site is ranked, activity should take care of itself; however, a good way to keep encouraging activity is to send some social media or PPC traffic to your page as your site begins to get more attention.

Following the “Ranking Triad” will ensure that your site gets ranked in the search engines permanently. Following these steps in the correct order will help your site’s rankings and surpass your competition. The higher your website goes, the more revenue it means for your business. Natural or organic SEO is best in the eyes of the search engines and following these three steps is the best way to achieve a high ranking and stay there.


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