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SEO Consulting In Costa Rica

SEO Consulting

Search Engine Optimization is a long term project and depending on the competiveness of your market can take anywhere from a 30 days to several months to rank in the top ten positions, once you rank it is also extremely important to maintain/increase your SERPS. For the companies and individuals that would like to learn how to optimize and maintain their search engine positions or just can't afford to hire a full time search engine optimization company we offer the SEO consulting service.

The consulting is provided by our senior SEOs. Every service is unique for your website complete with examples, resources for your niche and will explain step by step how to take your site in the top 10 for your targeted keywords. The service can also be provided in Spanish and German.

What Can You Do With SEO?

A question I seem to get a lot is, "What good is SEO when I'm already ranked number one?" In response, I ask the question, "What are you ranked #1 for?" If it's the name of your company than I'll bet you're not getting very much traffic. Small to medium-sized businesses need to achieve high organic rankings for the terms prospective customers are search on - which isn't your company name!

More than 70% of browsers click on the first three search engine results. Nearly 90% of all search engine traffic comes from the first page of rankings. If you want traffic to your website then you need to focus on improving organic results. You can spend tens of thousands of dollars each month buying traffic, but personally, I'd rather get my traffic for free.

Search Engine Optimization Consulting


1. Your current keywords analysis and recommendations.

2. What your top competitors are doing to outrank you.

3. Meta tags optimization.

4. Website structure.

5. Website design recommendations for proper SEO.

6. In site linking structure.

7. HTML code optimization.

8. Content optimization and additional content recommendations.

9. Best link building techniques for your market.

10. How to effectively build more back links in your market.

11. Social Media marketing recommendations.

12. In the SEO consultation service we will include and install our HTML and XML site map generator.

13. Complete unlimited support by email for 30 days.

The SEO Consultation service is provided by phone and email, to take complete advantage of the consultation we recommend having at least basic HTML knowledge.