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SEO Consulting

Search Engine Optimization is a long term project and depending on the competiveness of your market can take anywhere from a 30 days to several months to rank in the top ten positions, once you rank it is also extremely important to maintain/increase your SERPS. For the companies and individuals that would like to learn how to optimize and maintain their search engine positions or just can't afford to hire a full time search engine optimization company we offer the SEO consulting service.

The consulting is provided by our senior SEOs. Every service is unique for your website complete with examples, resources for your niche and will explain step by step how to take your site in the top 10 for your targeted keywords. The service can also be provided in Spanish and German.

Google has declared that search rules. Today, more than 70% of users reaching websites do so by searching the web. Our experience developing major portals and ad campaign sites for clients like SEM Drive, Microsoft Gold Partners and others allows us to mix content strategy, accessibility & standards expertise and how search engine technology works bringing it to every project.

Social Media
For the past years we have been working with global brands developing effective strategies helping them reach out to new and existing audiences, understanding in detail how companies are perceived in the digital world and by new generations.
This requires understanding how individual and collective user behavior works, as well as technical experience of how social media platforms interact with the millions of everyday users.

Analyzing data and measuring how users use websites are key in helping our developments evolve through time, turning and twisting the way to improve results. We analyze performance, identify goals and measure success. Companies need to have a real strategy, a process and an almost constant evaluation of what is going on around them so as to be ready, up-to-date and show they can be flexible enough to make their content -for sure their real asset- reachable to anyone who wants access to it.

Search Engine Optimization Services




SEO Training
Today I teach the same methods I use EVERY DAY to achieve top search engine rankings for my websites, affiliate sites, blogs, and help my customers do the same. These methods are taught through a 1-month or 2-months program that is customized to your business, your goals, and the specific outcomes you're looking for. It's always a good idea to have a general understanding of certain principles before you start down a path, but 90% of your focus should be on practical skills you can implement, that generate results.


SEO Consulting
The SEO Consultation service is provided by phone and email, to take complete advantage of the consultation we recommend having at least basic HTML knowledge.


Search Engine Optimization
On page search engine optimization is the first step to any SEO campaign. Many webmasters constantly ask why their website is outranked by their competitors with less pages and incoming links. The answer 99% of times are common flaws in the onpage optimization.


Link Building
Link building is the most important aspect in search engine optimization. Search engines use Incoming Links to understand and value the relevancy of a website for a search term. Different markets should build links from different sources.


SEO Maintenance
We have created an SEO maintenance service to keep you in the top which can also help increase your rankings. If you are interested in this service we’ll analyze your current situation and provide the best solution possible to fit your budget.


Search Engine Marketing
Search engine marketing, or SEM, is a form of Internet marketing that seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs) through the use of paid placement, contextual advertising, and paid inclusion.