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Freelance designers specialized in custom application development, web design, and graphic design. Our optimized design methods will build you a site that is user friendly, search engine friendly at an affordable price.

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SEO Costa Rica

SEO Costa Rica
We strongly believe that SEO is a real necessity for every website in Costa Rica. We understand all companies have different budgets. Contact us, we'll recommend affordable SEO Consulting services which best suits your needs.

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Search Engine Marketing, or SEM is Internet marketing that promotes your website by increasing visibility in Search Engine Result Pages. Put your website in front of potential customers when they search for what you sell.

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Roger Acuna
Plaza Antares, San Pedro
San Jose, Costa Rica
Skype: roger_acuna
Search Marketing, SEO Costa Rica & eCommerce Consultant, Web Developer.

SEO Consultant in Costa Rica

SEO Costa Rica

Why should you hire an SEO Company in Costa Rica to optimize your site? A very well designed website is the most cost effective promotional mean for any business of any size in your industry. Small business and the biggest brands invest in SEO to have the best possible search engine visibility.

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SEO Costa Rica

"Roger Acuna is the leader SEO Consultant in Costa Rica since 2010." - Mr A Tetsujin

We offer Digital Marketing solutions for a wide range of industries and lead the field in cutting edge SEO services in Costa Rica.

SEO Services Costa Rica

For some, Search Engine Optimization can take a long time to gain traction. But not for me. Our Costa Rica SEO experts can streamline your web-based marketing platforms so that you can achieve long-term results within short-term timeframes.

SEO Costa Rica

As the leading Costa Rica SEO consultant, we specialize in every aspect of SEO in Costa Rica, including generating free organic traffic to your web pages, targeting the best keywords for your business, maximizing the revenue potential of the most popular search engines … such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Let our team of SEO experts put SEO to work for your business through link building, social media integration, content creation, reputation marketing and other marketing platforms that enhance your bottom line results.

At our Digital Marketing Agency, we genuinely care about improving your business’ reputation, increasing its visibility in the marketplace, and enhancing its brand recognition. We don't use cookie cutter solutions. As the leader in SEO in Costa Rica, we partner with our clients to build real-world strategies based on their specific needs and goals.


Potential buyers who find your offerings on your website through search engines results are looking for your products when they need it and are ready to purchase.