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Avoid or Get Banned SEO Checklist

This is a very important SEO checklist. It includes items that if you do, search engines will ban your entire site from their indexes. Some are more serious than others, but it is a good idea to never use any of these tricks. If you…

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How to Retain Traffic After Domain Change

Ask any business owner and they’ll swear by it: they’d never change the domain name. It’s just too catchy. And fit is exactly what they’ve always wanted to represent their company. But what if: You decide to rebrand: Suddenly the old domain might just not cut…

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11 Things You Need to Know About Yandex SEO

Yandex is Russia’s most popular search engine with a 62% market share, and also has a stronghold in Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Turkey. Google is still a major stakeholder in the Russia market, but if you are marketing in Russia, you should optimize for…

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